Jose San Pedro Wandelmer
Marie Curie Research Fellow


Open Source Projects

Fobs logoI am the founder of the open source project Fobs, an object-oriented API that provides an intuitive abstraction for accessing multimedia content in a myriad of different encapsulation formats and codecs. Currently available for C++ and Java, the project is compatible with all the major platforms (GNU/Linux, Mac OSX, Windows).

Fobs was accepted in the Open Source competition of the ACM International Conference on Multimedia (MM '08), held in Vancouver at the end of October 2008. This is a link to the paper in the conference proceedings.


iPhone Applications

aaThe iPhone SDK has completely changed the way mobile applications are developed, offering a range of possibilities that make the platform highly interesting from a research perspective. The list below enumerates the applications I have developed for this platform:

  • RAEplus: Application developed in collaboration with Mad Ideas Software. The application provides an intelligent front-end to the RAE spanish dictionary. Click here for further details. (Released Nov 2009)
  • BCNbus: Joint work with Mad Ideas Software. The application provides a user-friendly interface to access real-time information about Barcelona buses on the go. (Released Jan 2010)
  • Rails (Cercavías): Joint work with Mad Ideas Software. The application offers access to the spanish railway schedules, providing an intuitive abstraction especially targeted to mobile phone users.