Jose San Pedro Wandelmer
Marie Curie Research Fellow


My main collaborations to funded research projects are listed below:

  • Mieson: Multimedia Information Extraction from Online Social Networks. EU-FP7 Marie Curie IOF, PIOF-GA-2009-254370 (Ongoing)
  • Memoir: Digital Tools for Managing and Sharing Images. EU-FP6 Marie Curie ToK: MTKD-2005-030008.
  • Perseo: Personalized Services for Advanced Multimedia Stream Management. EU-FP5 IST-2000-28433.
  • Psi3: Personalized System for Integrated Internet Services. EU-FP5 IST-1999-11056.
  • Colibri: System for Automatic Visual Inspection of External Structures by Means of an Autonomous Aerial Vehicle. MCYT DPI2004-06624.
  • Promapa: Massive Parallel Industrial Images Processing in Real Time. MCYT DPI2003-08260.
  • Eleva: Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Guidance Vision System. Application to the Inspection of Power Lines. MCYT DPI2000-1561-C02-02.