Book Review: 25 Recipes for Getting Started with R by Paul Teetor

This book contains a fantastic first glance at the R language and its possibilities for statistical data analysis. The book is targeted to the new R programmer, and assumes just a basic knowledge of statistics. Easy to read, it provides readers with the basics to start working with this exciting language. Its main disadvantage: it is just too short and leaves the reader wanting more.

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Full paper accepter into WWW’2010

My joint work with Stefan Siersdorfer “How useful are your comments? – Analyzing and Predicting YouTube Comments and Comment Ratings” has been accepted as a full paper in the next edition of ACM Conference on the World Wide Web (WWW’10).

Find below the abstract of the submission:

An analysis of the social video sharing platform YouTube reveals a high amount of community feedback through comments for published videos as well as through meta ratings for these comments. In this paper, we present an in-depth study of commenting and comment rating behavior on a sample of more than 6 million comments on 67,000 YouTube videos for which we analyzed dependencies between comments, views, comment ratings and topic categories. In addition, we studied the influence of sentiment expressed in comments on the ratings for these comments using the SentiWordNet thesaurus, a lexical WordNet-based resource containing sentiment annotations. Finally, to predict community acceptance for comments not yet rated, we built different classifiers for the estimation of ratings for these comments. The results of our large-scale evaluations are promising and indicate that community feedback on already rated comments can help to filter new unrated comments or suggest particularly useful but still unrated comments.

MobileMe (dotMac) mail is sent to the Spam folder by Gmail

These last couple of days I have been experiencing a quite frustrating behavior of what I think is a problem with Apple’s Mail Client.

The symptoms are simple. All email sent from a dotMac account to a gmail account is sent to the spam folder by google’s filters straight away. After some tests and some initial swear words to google’s filters, I’m starting to think that the problem might well be a poor/defective mail software by apple.

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