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Rest In Peace, Steve Jobs

This is one of these moments that, despite being expected for a long time, end up really impacting you when they finally arrive. Steve Jobs passed away today. I am not the kind of person who like to exalt individual characters. It is always the case that behind the character there is always a group of people that help realizing their dreams. I am not even a long term mac advocate, nor a fanboy. I started using mac back in 2002, when OSX was mature enough and I was getting increasingly tired of the other OS alternatives. And I will of course change again when the alternatives catch up and surpass what Apple provides nowadays.

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Book Review: 21 Recipes for Mining Twitter by Matthew A. Russell

This book provides readers with a quite comprehensive introduction to extracting and analyzing information from Twitter. While it is expected that the reader is somewhat familiar with the different Twitter APIs, the author does a fantastic job at presenting strategies for crawling and mining data using python and some additional and freely available third party libraries.

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