Book Review: Code Simplicity by Max Kanat-Alexander

Code simplicity is a well written essay about the fundamental rules of software design, a good read especially for novice programmers, and a nice reminder about what really does matter when writing good software for more experience developers.

This short book is easy to read for anybody. No code or programming jargon is used. Programming concepts required are thoroughly explained. All design rules and laws presented are well introduced and motivated. Concepts are easy to understand seem intuitive, and the reader feels eager to adopt them right away.

However, the design principles described in this book are quite generic and maybe a bit simplistic. Any programmer with some experience won’t find anything new in this book, although the nice way in which the text is written helps realizing the purpose of many things we do subconsciously when writing software. New programmers, on the other hand, may find the rules too abstract or fuzzy to apply them in their daily routine.

In a nutshell, the book is a nice short introduction to the most fundamental rules of software design, is very well written, and justifies appropriately all the advice given. Could serve inexperienced programmers improve the quality of their developments, and experience programmers remember the rules (and the reason why) they should apply.

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