RAEplus 1.0 released

It’s been a while (actually, quite a long time) since my partners at MADideas and I finished the development of RAEplus, our very first application for the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms.

RAEplus is an enhancement over previous attempts to provide an interface for accessing RAE (the normative dictionary of the Spanish language). The app encloses a comprehensive database of spanish terms, and actively helps users locate the words they want to look up in the dictionary. A dynamic list of suggested terms is updated in real-time to provide completions for the word the user is typing. This approach enables users to save many keystrokes, and therefore to look words far more efficiently.

The app also integrates a thesaurus of the Spanish language. The app synchronizes users’ search in both dictionaries, providing an intuitive and efficient way to change between these two modes.

Finally, the enclosed term database is used to select random words which are presented at the start page of the app. The user can look up any of these words or, alternatively, shake the device to get a new selection of terms. This is a great way to learn new terms and, ultimately, master the Spanish language.

The app is available from the iTunes Store in the following link.

Get it today and enjoy!

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