MobileMe (dotMac) mail is sent to the Spam folder by Gmail

These last couple of days I have been experiencing a quite frustrating behavior of what I think is a problem with Apple’s Mail Client.

The symptoms are simple. All email sent from a dotMac account to a gmail account is sent to the spam folder by google’s filters straight away. After some tests and some initial swear words to google’s filters, I’m starting to think that the problem might well be a poor/defective mail software by apple.

1) Sending the email to several recipients seems to solve the problem (at least if one of them is CC’ed)
2) Sending the email from the Mobile Me web interface also seems to work alright
3) Aliases feature the exact same behavior

It seems there’s some buggy behavior somewhere in the client or in the mail delivery infrastructure which is causing perfectly valid messages to be considered spam. Maybe some faulty header field, perhaps a DNS problem with the STMP server…

Meanwhile, remember to CC somebody (I normally do myself) to get your messages properly received!!

Update: Things seem to be back to normal again. All my messages being properly received. Still, I’m getting comments of people still finding troubles. A trick that was working fine for me in the meantime was using the extension to send the emails. Try this and comment back on the results!

2 thoughts on “MobileMe (dotMac) mail is sent to the Spam folder by Gmail”

  1. hi – any solution for this yet? this has been happening to me for MONTHS and i cannot seem to find the “fix” for it. very frustrating. your solution of CCing…does this work inside the Mail client, or just mobileme web access? i hate having to go into web access (which is so slow) everytime i need to send an email to someone with a gmail address. i can’t believe more people aren’t complaining about this.

    1. Hi Jen,

      I have updated the post. Things are back to normal, at least for me. Are you still having problems? Try using the account (you should have the alias on the mail client) and tell me if that works for you. If you need to test your account, you can write me at jsanpedro _at_ gmail _dot_ com.

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