Presentation at WWW’09

Yesterday it was my turn for presenting our full-paper accepted into this year edition of ACM World Wide Web conference (WWW’09). The expectation for the “Photos and Web 2.0” session was far beyond the calculations of the organizers, and the room allocated for the talks was simply too small for all the people that showed up. Many had to see the first presentation of the session looking through the door while standing in the corridor. It was during the second presentation (my one) that they decided to remove the panels at the rear to merge with an empty room just behind. Though it was absolutely necessary I simply do not understand why they decided to do it right in the middle of my talk. I loss my concentration completely and it was difficult to re-start the talk again.
Despite the difficulties, the presentation went alright and it lead to a positive reaction from the audience which asked a good amount of interesting questions. The slides are available from the www2009 epapers website.

See you in Boston next July! Sigir awaits!

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