Jose San Pedro Wandelmer
Marie Curie Research Fellow


You have reached Dr. Jose San Pedro Wandelmer's web site. 

I am a Marie Curie Research Fellow currently fulfilling the Return Phase of my IOF project in the Scientific Group at Telefonica Research in Barcelona (Spain).

I am the founder and main developer of the Open Source Project Fobs.

Currently working on...

The objective of my Marie Curie fellowship is to get established as an experienced researcher in the fields of information retrieval and data analysis, with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience on the design of large-scale data-centric systems – touching on topics such as scalability, large-scale data analysis, mobile computing and user experience design.

In particular, my project, named MIESON, focuses on the study of methods for the analysis and exploitation of large-scale collaborative multimedia databases to enhance retrieval and user experience in these contexts. The project considers, among others, the research topic of visual aesthetics modelling.

Research Interests

My research interest are in the fields of Information Retrieval, Statistical data analysis and machine learning, Cloud computing and Social computing.

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